We LOVE Volunteers! 

Because David's House operates with such a small paid staff, we depend heavily on volunteers to keep things running smoothly. Our volunteers come from every walk of life, but the one thing they have in common is an unwavering commitment to supporting the families that turn to us.



"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks."
~William Shakespeare

 Our volunteers bake, cook, answer phones, check guests in and out, chat with families, participate in events, make quilts, and do everything possible to bring a little sunshine into our guests' lives.


Mainly, our volunteers fill three roles:

Hospitality Assistants

(Details & Schedule)
As a Hospitality Assista
nt, you'd often be the face of David's House; friendly, welcoming, and peaceful, you may also become be the source of much-needed emotional support. The opportunity to interact with caregivers and siblings is many volunteers' favorite thing about being a hospitality assistant. To get started, fill out the hospitality assistant application, below, and send it to Jill (jill.ross@davids-house.org).

Main Responsibilities:                                                          
> Welcome and check-in guests
> Aquaint guests with the house and our policies
> Field incoming calls
> Work in our computer-based reservation system

Cooks & Bakers

(Details & Schedule)
Families that stay at David's House often wish for a home-cooked meal or some yummy baked goods (that they don't have to prepare themselves!).  As a cook or a baker, you'd choose what you'd like to prepare, schedule & confirm it with Jill (jill.ross@davids-house.org), create an ingredient list, complete a brief training (the first time you cook), and then just show up and create. To get started, fill out and return the short application, below, and send it to Jill. 

Event volunteers

(More about getting involved through events)
In order to raise funds and awareness for our cause, we rely heavily on special events and the volunteers that help us make them a success. We have a very small staff, and couldn't do what we do without support from event volunteers!

An event volunteer can be as involved as he or she wishes - you could do anything from showing up for 2 hours to help marshal a foot race to becoming a member of our development committee. To get started, fill out the event volunteer application, below, and send it to Jill (jill.ross@davids-house.org).

Questions? Other ideas? 

Contact Jill (jill.ross@davids-house.org).

In an average year, our volunteers donate over 4,800 hours of service to 
David's House, which (according to Independentsector.org)
totals over $77,500 worth of in-kind support!!! 


"Thanks for a comforting, welcoming atmosphere. A sweet and generous haven from the stress and worry about a very sick child."

"We don't have a car, and because of David's House, we were seconds away from our little girl."

"When you walk in from spending an extraordinarily stressful day at the hospital, tired, weary, scared, and forlorn, you immediately feel a sense of comfort and peace. It's difficult to explain."

"Honestly, I don't know what we would do without your support."

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