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On July 24th Todd will be participating in the Ironman Triathlon Championship in Lake Placid, NY.
This event is the second oldest Ironman in North America, and includes a 2.4 mile swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run.

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A message from Todd...

Dear Family and Friends,

As you may know, I‘m in my final month of training for the Ironman Lake Placid Triathlon on July 24th ( After nearly 300 days of training, I’d like to share a personal story about why I’m competing this year to help a cause close to my heart.

Nearly 14 months ago, Laura and I welcomed our baby daughter, Elena, into the world. Elena was born with a few minor complications and spent a brief period of time in the NICU at Elliot Hospital in New Hampshire.  During that time, I felt the world had stopped and the only thing I wanted was for our baby to be healthy. We were fortunate because Elena fully recovered and left the NICU after only a few days. But, I couldn’t stop thinking about the parents and children who spend their days, weeks, months, and even longer in this environment.

When I learned about David’s House, I was truly moved by its mission.  David's House is the dream of a young boy named David Cyr, who passed away from Leukemia in 1984 at the age of five. For three and a half years, David was treated at Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital in Hanover, NH. Visiting David during his hospitalizations was easy for his parents who lived only 20 minutes away. But during this time his family met others who didn't have that option; instead they slept in their cars, in the waiting room, or in a chair at bedside to be close to their child. When David's doctor told the Cyrs that David had just months to live, his father, Dick, asked the doctor, "Why isn't there a place for families like ours to stay?" The doctor told him there had been talk about a house in this area, but nothing had ever come of it. Dick replied, "We're going to build a place, and we're going to call it David's House." One week after David passed away, his parents and their friends began raising funds for David's House. The first money was David's own: $300.78 in birthday money and his dad's spare change that David had stashed away throughout the house. Whenever Dick asked him what he was saving for, David always replied, "For a special reason, Dad." That special reason has now served over 11,000 families from around the world!

Ironman Lake Placid is a personally challenging and extremely difficult day, both mentally and physically.  The race consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run for a total of 140.6 miles. It’s also a day of joy and celebration when you cross the finish line. I know that the months I have spent training pale in comparison to what the children and parents at David’s House experience.  But, in some small way I hope we can make a difference for more children similar to David….and to Elena.

Please take this opportunity to support David’s House as I compete in their honor at Ironman.  Your donation will do so much to provide a home-away-from-home and support for families with children receiving treatment in New Hampshire.  Please check out the rest of this website to learn more about David's House, and if you'd like to make a donation in my honor please click on the link at the top of this page and be sure to include my name in the Tribute Form section.

Thank you for all of your support during my training and during Elena’s healthy first year.


P.S.  Have you ever seen an Ironman event? Watch this 2 min video:  If you can’t be in Lake Placid on July 24th to watch the Ironman in person, you can track me in real time at





"Thanks for a comforting, welcoming atmosphere. A sweet and generous haven from the stress and worry about a very sick child."

"We don't have a car, and because of David's House, we were seconds away from our little girl."

"When you walk in from spending an extraordinarily stressful day at the hospital, tired, weary, scared, and forlorn, you immediately feel a sense of comfort and peace. It's difficult to explain."

"Honestly, I don't know what we would do without your support."

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