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January 20, 2015:

David's House Celebrates 29 Years!

Jaye Olmstead

Above: The Original David's House in Hanover, NH

It is remarkable to think that a promise given from a father to his son over three decades ago could have turned into something as incredible as David’s House, but here we are getting ready to celebrate another year of incredible accomplishments! This painting shows the first David’s House, which opened in Hanover, NH, on January 20, 1986. With just seven bedrooms, the original David's House was often running at full capacity, so when the hospital relocated to its current location, plans for a new 14-bedroom home were designed, and the doors were opened to welcome families in 1994.

As the years went by, David's House continued to experience increasing demand, and plans to build an addition were discussed. Thanks to the generous support of our community, the new addition with four bedrooms and a kitchenette for nursing mothers was completed in July of 2014. Today, David's House is a 20-bedroom home-away-from-home for families with children receiving treatment at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth.

The picture above also shows David Cyr, who had a zest for living that touched all those around him.  He was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic Leukemia in 1981 and experienced seven relapses.  He passed away on September 8, 1984.


November 2014:

David's House has a new executive Director

Jaye Olmstead

Jaye Olmstead

It is with great pleasure that we announce the news that Jaye Olmstead has been appointed as the Executive Director at David’s House!

Before coming to David’s House seven years ago as the development director, Jaye was the executive director of a domestic and sexual violence crisis center in the Lakes Region of NH. She was responsible for overseeing a shelter for women and children, and was on the steering committee that brought a national pilot project to Grafton County that focused on collaborative efforts between child protective services, law enforcement/judicial systems, and crisis intervention agencies.

In volunteer capacities, Jaye served on her children’s elementary school board and as president of the PTA, was chairman of the board for an organization geared toward preventing underage substance abuse, and served on the board of a local organization that supports chronically and terminally-ill children and their families. She has a Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Management and undergraduate degree in Behavioral Science.

Jaye is also the proud mother of a Marine who has served three tours in Afghanistan and is currently stationed in Quantico, VA, a son who is a high school freshman and a daughter in middle school.

Please join us in congratulating Jaye!


October 2014:

Fall Newsletter is Published! (Click Image to see Newsletter.)



Over 13,000 Families Served since 1986!


September 2014:

Seeds of Remembrance Memorial Ceremony

On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, families, friends, and David’s House staff and board members gathered to remember and honor children who have passed away.  Families supported one another and shared thoughts and memories. Many wrote notes in a memory book or added items to the memory box. During the ceremony, featured speakers shared thoughtful support.  Speakers included Kristen Johnson from DHMC’s Child Life Program; Dick Cyr, President Emeritus and Founder of David’s House; Jaye Olmstead, Interim Executive Director of David’s House; Bill Boyle, MD; and Kristine Bowne, Chaplain at DHMC Chaplaincy. Parents Stefan and Moira Philbrook, and Jennifer and John Bukowski also spoke about how the loss of a child has changed their lives. Mollie Saults, also from DHMC’s Child Life Program, provided support and therapeutic activities for siblings, and flutist Hilary Lynch provided live music, including a beautiful interpretation of Oh, Danny Boy. Sandwiches and refreshments were provided by The Common Man of Claremont.

Traditionally, a memorial tree had been planted during this service. This year, however, seeds of forget-me-not flowers will be planted at David’s House and DHMC. Chaplain Christine Bowen facilitated the Seeds of Remembrance portion of the ceremony, during which families symbolically placed packets of forget-me-nots under a tree. The flowers will be planted at David's House and at DHMC.

Memorial Service 2014


August 2014:


The Lindsey Frank Memorial Motorcycle Ride

On August 23, almost 200 motorcycles cruised from Meredith, NH to David’s House for the annual Lindsey Frank Memorial Motorcycle Ride, and in June, golfers supported David's House and the memory of Lindsey Frank by participating in the Lindsey Frank Annual Golf Tournament. In the photo below, Doug and Lisa Frank and their son, Michael, present a check for $55,500 to Dick Cyr (far left), the founder of David’s House. This donation also includes proceeds raised from two Harley Davidson raffles sponsored by Laconia Harley Davidson. Lindsey Frank was a special young girl whose family used David's House while she was at the hospital. These events are organized by Lindsey’s family and friends in her memory.


June 2014:


a record-breaking year at cbhm

Our amazing team of 50 runners broke the record for this half-marathon fundraiser by together collecting more than $37,000 in support for David's House. They are an amazing group that ran the 13.1 miles of the Covered Bridges Half Marathon on Team David's House, and we are so appreciative!


 April 2014:


Inspiring Kids at Ottauquechee

Inspiring Kids update from Adam Boffey, Program Coordinator:

"David's House received a $500 donation from Ottauquechee Elementary School during an all-school Community Day April 11th. The OQS fifth graders have been working hard this season on a philanthropy project led by Inspiring Kids, a local nonprofit dedicated to teaching middle school students about nonprofits and their importance in the community. The class was divided into small groups in order to study 10 different local nonprofits. After sharing their research amongst themselves, the students voted on three organizations they would bring before the entire school to vote on. The student body elected David's House as the recipient of its $500 donation, which was made possible by a grant from the Vermont Principals' Association.

Many, many thanks to the wonderful kids at Ottauquechee Elementary School who are helping the kids and families of David's House!

3rd Annual Tot Trot

The weather was beautiful, kids were dressed up as super heros and ready to "trot" the 1 mile loop around Centerra Park, and all around was music, the smell of the grill, games, activities, and fun to be had. Kids and families were encouraged to fundraise, and in the end, over $4,000 was raised for David's House.

Many thanks to the organizers of the event, our friends at RVC's FitKids childcare, and to everyone
who attended and donated. Can't wait for next year!


March 2014:


Pies for a Cause

 Members of the Volunteer Committee at Howe, Riley & Howe, a CPA firm in Manchester, NH, were disappointed when their coin drive for David’s House wasn’t getting as much support as they had hoped.

Not only did Abby, a committee member, have relatives who used David’s House when their baby was born early, but one of their fellow employees had been a guest of the House years ago, too.

To the rescue came three good-natured employees who were willing to get messy for the effort. Their names each went on a jar, and the employee whose jar held the most money would receive a pie in the face. Better still, raffle tickets were sold to determine who would be the lucky pie-thrower.

In the end, all three employees wore pies, and everyone involved wore smiles. Between the coin drive, raffle ticket sales, can tabs, and grocery list items, they raised over $1,700 for David’s House. Thank you all!


January 2014:


Zach Tilbe Heroic Hearts Fundraiser

Zach Tilbe, who passed away at age 17 in November of 2012, often spoke passionately of giving back to
the organizations that helped him and his family. On January 25th, Zach’s father, Al,
with the help of some family and friends, made that wish come true.

They raised nearly $6,000 through their “Zach Tilbe Heroic Hearts” efforts, which included a dinner/dance
at the Governor’s Inn in Rochester, NH, selling t-shirts, and creating an online fundraising page
(Visit the page or contribute at davids-house.kintera.org/individuals/zachtilbe).

We are so happy and honored to have been involved, and we couldn’t be more impressed with or thankful
for all of Al’s hard work. We also want to thank Zach, whose generous, pay-it-forward attitude
reminds us of the House’s namesake, David; even now, they continue to inspire and bring goodness and joy
to those around them. Many thanks and warm wishes to everyone involved!



Massive food donation by Albert's Organics

On Saturday, a huge Albert's Organics truck drove down the driveway of David's House, and with the help of staff and volunteers, they unloaded 1,575 pounds of food worth a whopping $4,200!

Orchestrated by Arthur, one of our wonderful volunteers, the massive donation filled up our multipurpose room and will go such a long way in helping David's House meet the needs of families.

HUGE, HUGE thanks to everyone involved!!


December 2013:


Nolan and his clocks

Just before the New Year, longtime guests and friends of the House, 13 year-old Nolan and his mom Lucy, came for a visit to the House with their 4-H group. After shedding their shoes and jackets, they filed into the kitchen to see at the beautiful, white and gold clock that hangs proudly on the wall.

At the start of each new hour (or if a certain button is pushed), the clock streams cheerful music into the air as a small platform, containing miniature, golden figurines holding musical instruments, drops down from the bottom into full view. In less than a minute, the music fades, and the little men disappear again into the clock. It’s a dazzling treat that often has young guests of the House standing quietly as the hour closes, staring up at the hands of the clock, waiting patiently for the show to begin.

This story really starts years ago, when the old, ordinary kitchen clock broke. Young Nolan took it upon himself to raise the money for a new, special clock very similar to the one above, which resided in the kitchen for years. Recently, when it was decided that the singing clock would be a delight for children in the (soon to be) expanded play room, Nolan decided to raise the money for a new clock, this time with the help of his 4-H group. He spent hours searching for the perfect clock, and he couldn’t have done a better job!

Thank you, Nolan and the Cheshire County 4-H, for adding a dose of musical cheer to David’s House!


 November 2013:

KIDling company raises $350

Abby and Matthew Clark, ages 15 and 12, are bright and resourceful fundraisers from Warren, NH who took advantage of the cooling weather and the woods around them to raise money for David’s House. 

The pair are co-founders of “The KIDling Company,” through which they bundled and sold an incredible 700 bunches of kindling throughout the summer and fall! They sold the bundles for $2.50 and donated 50 cents from each to David’s House. 

We got to meet Abby and Matt when they came to David’s House in early November to drop off the $350 that they raised and to see the place that their hard-earned money would benefit. We were so impressed by both their maturity and their motto: “Kids helping kids!” Thank you so much Abby and Matt!!



October 2013:


A Run In Memory of Tristin Roy

The second annual Tristin's Live, Laugh, Love Run was held on October 5th here at David's House, and
what a success it was! Sponsored by TomTom, where Tristin worked alongside her husband, the
organizers(her husband, Dan, and their coworkers from TomTom) did an amazing job from start to
finish. Atop being a loving mother, wife, and friend, Tristin was a volunteer at David's House volunteer,
and we are honored to be a part of her memory.





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April: River Valley Club's Tot Trot - An Adorable Success

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May: Founder Honored by NE Patriots Foundation 


year of incredible accomplishments! This painting shows the first David’s House, in Hanover, NH, on January 20, 1986.  David Cyr passed away on September 8, 1984.


"Thanks for a comforting, welcoming atmosphere. A sweet and generous haven from the stress and worry about a very sick child."

"We don't have a car, and because of David's House, we were seconds away from our little girl."

"When you walk in from spending an extraordinarily stressful day at the hospital, tired, weary, scared, and forlorn, you immediately feel a sense of comfort and peace. It's difficult to explain."

"Honestly, I don't know what we would do without your support."

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